Things to know

Whether you are moving in or out or if you are moving your entire inventory or just one piece of furniture you
must inform either the Super or the Porter before using the elevator. The building is trying to keep the scratches
and damage to the elevator to a minimum. Moving should be done during daylight hours and between monday
and friday unless it can't be helped. There is only one elevator per address, so please be considerate when using
the elevator. Allow others to use the elevator when you are not transporting your furniture between floors.


       A.K.A. Bulk Trash

Bulk trash means anything that is too large too be put down the compactor chute or put in a large trash bag.
Unfortunately our community does not have a provision for bulk removal for apartment buildings with more than
six apartments. You can not leave any bulk furniture or appliances for the building to take care of without being
subject to a fee or a fine from the building. You are responsible for removing your own furniture and large
appliances. Refrigerators and air conditioners are further restricted because of the freon that they contain. Those
items must be brought to the city dump to be evacuated before being discarded.

      Rug Removal

Unfortunately sanitation now considers rugs the same as bulk trash and no matter what size or weight it will not
be accepted by the garbage men. So as a result it will not be accepted by the building. You must look for an
alternate means of removal.

      Construction Material

Trash produced from work being performed on your bathroom and or your kitchen is the responsibility of the
owner of the apartment. The building will not cover the cost of the trash removal and the sanitation men will not
cart it away without giving them a hefty tip which you must arrange yourself. It would be easier to have your
contractor do his own trash removal.

For further information about City of Yonkers trash and recycling rules you can log on and download the
residential guide or recycling calendar from


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