Please, if you need service, do not tell the porter, see the super or fill out the service request sheet located on the super's workshop door.

All window air-concitioners must have a window air-conditioner support bracket.

Every tenant is required to have and maintain a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector and a front door that closes automatically on spring hinges after the door has been opened.The first carbon monoxide detector will be supplied by the management just ask the super for an appointment to have it installed. If your front door does not close automatically ask the super for an appointment to have this condition repaired.

   "SEE IT, SAY IT" should be applied to other things like reporting important lights that are out and dangerous spills, even after hours. The porter and I are only two people and we can't be everywhere all the time. (SUPER is only a title and does not give one any special powers, like seeing through walls.) Why should complaining about a spill later be better than reporting it now?

   This building is pretty secure but occasionally someone does break into an apartment and steal things. It is up to everyone to help with the security of the building. Do not let anyone in the building that you don't recognize. If you see someone in or around the building acting suspiciously report it. You should have pick-proof locks with steel plates on your front doors, you should have good window locks (not the ones provided by the building) on the windows by the fire-escape, and for those who have windows on the 3rd floor back of building they should also have good window locks on all of their windows.

   It is very important that everyone have homeowners insurance. It does not matter if you own or rent. Homeowners insurance is not very expensive but it can be very useful and even necessary when accidents and mishaps occur. There are times when a plumbing or electrical problem that causes damage to another apartment may still be your responsibility even if you did not intentionally create the situation. Another resident can come after you for damages for a leak, fire or anything else that causes damage that originated in your apartment, if it is determined that you are responsible. Consider this, plumbing outside the walls is considered the owners responsibility. Electrical appliances and anything after the fuse box is considered the owners responsibility. Stoves, pipes and hoses after the gas cock valve is considered the owners responsibility. Please for your own peace of mind , get homeowners insurance.

   If you need or want child proof window guards please let me know so that I can order them.

   In an effort to conserve heat in the winter, it is advisable to take out your air conditioner and or to insulated it well to prevent heat loss. Close all windows properly and remove furniture and drapes from interfering with the radiators. 

   If I get any more news or information about the building I'll write it here. If anyone has news, bring it to me (the super) and I'll see if it could be posted here.


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