Everything is recyclable but not every community recycles everything or even the same way. The recycling
rules for New York City are not the same in our community. Having said that, these are the rules that
concern us. Please follow them.

Recycling is picked up on alternate wednesdays.


Newspaper means newspaper that is not shredded or crumpled. Magazines, phone books and colored
inserts are acceptable. Cardboard must be the corrugated kind and must be free from food.
No Pizza Boxes. NO BAGS


Paper juice or milk containers and paper that is soiled with food like pizza boxes are not recyclable.
Non-corrugated boxes such as cereal, detergent or shoe boxes are not recyclable. Personal mail like
bills and correspondence is not only not recyclable but also dangerous because anyone can go through
the recycling bin and get your personal information. Hard and paperback books and styrofoam products are also
not recyclable.


Co-mingled means recyclable plastic containers, cans and glass bottles only. All material put in the bins must
be free from food and should be rinsed. No sheet glass, no pots and pans, no glassware. NO BAGS


Paper juice and milk containers are not recyclable. Paint cans and any other metal that did not contain a food
product is not recyclable, like pots and pans and silverware. Glass does not include drinking glasses, cookware or dishware. Picture frames and any other plate glass is not recyclable. Absolutely at no time is any broken glass
of any kind recyclable and should be put down the compactor chute.

For further information about the recycling rules or a recycling calendar, you can download a copy of the
residential guide from the City of Yonkers web site at

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