Noise... No resident shall make or permit any disturbing noise in the building or permit anything to be done which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other residents. No resident shall play loudly or allow the playing of any musical instrument, radio, television between the hours of eleven o'clock P.M. and nine o'clock A.M. No construction, repair or installation involving noise shall be conducted in any apartment between five o'clock P.M. and nine o'clock A.M. and weekends including holidays. Unless expressly authorized the floors of each apartment must be covered with rugs or carpeting or equally effective noise-reducing material to the extent of at least eighty percent.of each floor with the exception of kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, closets, and foyer.
Halls... The public halls and stairways of the building shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress to or egress from the apartments. Children shall not play in the public areas of the building. No public hall above the ground floor shall be decorated or furnished by a resident without permission. No article shall be placed in the halls or staircase landings, nor shall anything be hung or shaken from the doors, windows placed upon the window sills of the building. No velocipedes, bicycles, scooters or similar vehicles shall be allowed in the elevator and baby carriages and above mentioned vehicles shall not be allowed to stand in the public halls, or passageways of the building.
Windows... No awning, window air-conditioning unit or ventilator shall be used in about the building unless expressly approved, nor shall anything be projected out of any window without similar approval. No sign, notice, advertisement or illumination shall be inscribed or exposed on or at any window or other part of the building, unless in writing by the Board or the managing agent. No radio or television aerial shall be attached to or hung from the exterior of the building without prior written approval. The resident shall keep the windows of the apartment clean. In case of refusal or neglect of the resident during the ten days after a notice in writing about cleaning the windows , the apartment may be entered and the windows may be cleaned at the cost to the resident.
Trash... Garbage and refuse from the apartments shall be disposed of only at the the times and in the manner as the superintendent or the managing agent of the building may direct. All wet debris is to be securely wrapped or bagged in small package sized to fit into the compactor chute hopper. Debris should be drip-free before it leaves the apartment and carried to the compactor in a careful manner and in a drip-proof container. Bottles and cans should be recycled. there are large labeled container in the basement area of the building for that purpose. Do not leave such items anywhere else in the building. Cartons, boxes, crates, wood or other solid matter shall not be stuffed into the compactor chute hopper. Such items may be left in a neat manner in the basement area near the recycling containers. Large bulky items such as furniture must be discarded by the resident whose apartment it came from. The building, it's agents and employees will not take possession of said items. A fine may be levied if resident fails to comply. Under no circumstances should carpet sweeping containing naphthalene, camphor balls or flakes, floor scraping, plastic wrappings or covers, oil-soaked rags, empty paint or aerosol cans or any other inflammable, explosive, highly combustible substances or lighted cigarette or cigar stubs to be thrown into the compactor flue. Vacuum cleaner bags must never be emptied into the compactor flue. Such dust, dirt, etc. should be wrapped in a securely tied bag or package and then placed in the hopper. The superintendent shall be notified of any drippings or moist refuse appearing on the compactor closet floor and corridors.
Plumbing... Water closets (AKA toilets) and other water apparatus in the building shall not be used for any purpose other than those which they were constructed, nor shall any sweeping, rubbish, rags or any other article be thrown into the toilet. The cost of repairing any damage resulting from misuse of any toilet or other apparatus shall be paid for by the resident in whose apartment it was caused.
Animals... No bird or animal shall be kept or harbored in the building unless expressly permitted in writing by the Board: such permission may be revoked. In no event shall dogs be permitted in the building. No pigeons or other birds or animals shall be fed from window sills, yard, court spaces or other public portions of the building or on the sidewalks or street adjacent to the building. Any agent of the Board or workman authorized by the Board, may enter any apartment at any reasonable hour of the day for the purpose of inspecting an apartment to ascertain whether measures are necessary or desirable to control or exterminate any vermin, insects or other pests, the cost thereof may be payable by the resident of the apartment.
Parking... No vehicle belonging to a resident or to a member of the family or guest, subtenant or employee of a resident shall be parked in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready access to any entrance of the building. The resident will abide by all arrangements made by the Board with regard to the garage and the driveways.
Laundry... The residents shall use the the available laundry facilities only upon days and upon such hours as may be designated. The board shall have the right from time to time to curtail or relocate any space devoted to storage or laundry purposes.
General rules... No group tour or exhibition of any apartment or its contents shall be conducted, nor shall any auction sale be held in any apartment without the consent of the Board or its managing agent. No resident shall send any employee of the Board out of the building on any private business. Complaints regarding the service of the building shall be made in writing to the managing agent. Any consent or approval given under these House Rules can be revoked at any time.
These House Rules may be added to, amended or repealed at any time by resolution of the Board of Directors.


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